Why this blog

I like working, I have always liked it. I like to produce, solve problems or invent new ones, use my hands to make concrete objects or even adjust the old, make photocopies, writing lessons, designing clothes.

I have never experienced the work as a sentence, a pillory, a horrible necessity. I admit to any kind of work, even the most humble though honest, the ability to give great dignity to the human being. The work knows no gender, but it is also true that what work can give to women, economic independence and the possibility of self-assertion, is very important for women.

So, this blog aims to tell the true stories of real women that, with their work, can teach something: to me certainly, but I think to many others.

Professional success, professional fulfillment are not measured only in terms of roles and salaries: on this misunderstanding, many women are sewn on a masculinity of language and thought that has nothing to do with women. Perhaps because we often give  to work a masculine connotation, but work has no sex, it knowns no gender.

Many women take daily low-paid work in difficult conditions with great passion, courage and tenacity. I’ve met and I know many, some are famous, many not: I think to their faces, their fatigue, their strength, their determination.

This blog is dedicated to them.

My personal assistant ♥
My personal assistant ♥


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