©WOMENTOLEARNFROM is a project by Maria Cristina Codecasa Conti, architect, who lives and works in Milano. She worked as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Architecture and as adjunct professor at the Faculty of Design of Politecnico of Milano. She has also taught at the Accademia del Lusso in Milano.

The sculptor Gino Cosentino, with whom she worked for many years, was her Master in painting, sculpture and jewelry. Thanks to her jewels she began working in the fashion industry by starting a collaboration with Mirka Farioli and her haute-couture Atelier based in Via Montenapoleone in Milano. For the atelier Farioli she has designed her first collection.

Today, with her brand Le Trosième Songe®, Maria Cristina continues to cultivate her passion, or rather her dream. Thankful and grateful to all those who, giving her confidence and pass on their experience, have enabled it to achieve it.


2 pensieri su “About

  1. Maria cristina codecasa conti-fabulous,she is wonderful,polite,gentile…really dont have words to express that she is very nice woman.I have learned many things from her.I must say she is my idol. She is BEST,BEST,BEST.


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